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CAP Charts Save Time

“One drawback for us CAP pilots is having to take those paper charts and manually draw our search grids on them. It's super time-intensive and not always pretty or perfectly accurate. In steps SkySectionals and gives us a lending hand by providing CAP pilots with gridded sectionals. ”
Frank in WA

They really are outstanding!

“These are so much better than anything we would spend hours gridding by hand. The CO thinks we're spoiled now and we really SHOULD grid our maps by hand but ... (*innocent whistling*) ... we are thrilled with these.”

Much more convenient

“After using the SkySectionals for a short period of time I have realized just how unwieldy the full sized sectionals are. The kneeboard sized crops are much more convenient  and being able to highlight, scribble and log on a reproducible chart makes post flight reviews simple and complete.”
Mark in CA

Format is exceptional

“Great service and quality of product and the format is exceptional.  Can't wait to test out the "non-folding" format of your product over the "folding" sectional of days gone bye.  ”
Chuck in MT

Printing is Fantastic!

“SkySectionals are a great convenience. I can write on your sectionals with specifics about a particular flight and not have to worry about reusing the map for a later flight. The ability to print new updated maps on my color printer is fantastic! ”
Thom in NY
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